Letshego donates Rwf5 million to Agaciro

Letshego Rwanda on Thursday contributed Rwf5 million to Agaciro Development Fund (AgDF) to support Rwanda’s efforts toward self-reliance.

Jack Kayonga, the AgDF Chief Executive Officer, hailed Letshego’s support and other local institutions and individuals who have contributed funds toward the fund.

He said, “We appreciate Letshego not only for this support but also its continued commitment to improve lives of Rwandans through its financial services. This is part of building a bright future of the country we want through this fund. It shows that people share the same vision that guarantees the positivity of the future generations.”

He noted that the country’s vision is to create and prepare a bright future that every Rwandan deserves.

Agaciro Development Fund was initiated in 2012 to support government’s efforts to increase socio-economic growth and stability against the unpredictable economic shocks, while improving Rwanda’s financial autonomy for future generations.

Dru Jayaratne, the Letshego CEO, said, regardless of being a business-oriented institution, the company is proud to support sustainable initiatives for the benefit of Rwanda’s economy and its people.

He said, “Letshego is inspired by the collective initiative set out through the fund for saving the future of the people of Rwanda. Our commitment to support the government towards its development never ends here as we are committed to continue impacting the communities’ welfare by offering simple, affordable and appropriate financial solutions.”

So far AgDF has accumulated Rwf 47 billion, of which Rwf 8 billion is from profit, and Rwf39 billion contributed by different individuals, friends of Rwanda and the government itself.

The Fund makes profits from its different financial investments, especially in treasury bonds and bills.