Fighting drug abuse through gospel music


Ambassadors of Christ gospel group uses music to encourage the youth to refrain from taking illicit substances. /Courtesy.

WITH the continued increase in drug abuse, and other risky behaviors among the youth, Ambassadors of Christ gospel group has embarked on an extensive anti-drug abuse awareness campaign in schools.

The initiative, which started on July 8, targets young people, parents and community leaders, by encouraging them to be part of the efforts to prevent and end drug/substance abuse in schools, homes and communities.

Under the theme “Say no to drug/substance abuse, sexual misconduct and other forms of risky behavior… but say yes to Jesus”, the campaign is being supported by ADRA-Rwanda.

Ambassadors of Christ’s Moses Kayijuka addressing Kagarama S.S students during an anti-drug abuse campaign, this week. Courtesy.

“We sing songs that youth love and identify with specifically addressing risky behavior and at the end many of them commit to embrace behavior change. So far hundreds of young people have since given their lives to Jesus and committed to behavior change,” said Moses Kayijuka, one of the choir members.

The campaign has been effective in mobilizing and enlightening, young people about the dire effects of substance abuse, sexual misconduct and other risky behaviors.

Annet Batamuliza, the director of King David Academy, one of the many schools visited, said the campaign was timely and thanked the group for addressing such critical issues affecting young people. She said the move would supplement the efforts aimed at forging a better future for young people.

Samuel Nkurunziza, the Headmaster of Kagarama S.S, said: “What you did today was so important, I had another community leaders meeting, but am grateful that I came before you left, thank you for joining this fight, thank you for supporting us in this fight for our young people.”

“The doors will always be open for you whenever you want to come back, our students love you, and love the message that you share,” he added.

Scores of youth gave their lives to Jesus and committed to behavior change during the campaign.

Other schools visited include Nu-Vision High School and Kigali Independent University (ULK).

After a successful school campaign, the Ambassadors of Christ took the campaign to different churches around Kigali city including Kigali English Church and Francophone church among others.

The message was relayed through drama, testimonies and music performances. The choir is scheduled to roll out the campaign in different schools and churches across the country until December.

Young people have become primary targets of drug and substance abuse.

To climax this year’s campaign, Ambassadors of Christ will hold a grand concert on December 17 at Kigali Exhibition and Innovation Village.

Entrance will be free and the choir will also launch the new song titled Solange whose message is about immoral issues affecting youths.