IRANZI CLINIC: Unique model of midwifery for vulnerable mothers


A patient gets a checkup at the clinic. (Net photo)

The birth of a child is a life transforming experience and a family-centred event that should occur in a safe, supportive, warm environment with high quality care.

However, this is not the case for many poor young expectant mothers that, due to one reason or another, find themselves pregnant, abandoned and unable to access good prenatal care. But there are also well-to-do young mothers-to-be that do not exactly understand the whole process of childbirth and require professional personalised support and care.
Iranzi Clinic, a branch ministry of Christian Life Assembly, is a not-for-profit, faith-based clinic located in Nyarutarama, Kigali. It was set up for exactly this reason; to provide a unique model of midwifery and delivery care to disadvantaged women from poor communities.

The midwifery offers high quality, individualised perinatal support and education in partnership with families, as well as evidence-based maternity care. We aim to provide mother/ baby-friendly services and Respectful Maternity Care (RMC). The clinic promotes open, honest and trusting relationships between clients and care providers. The services include prenatal consultations, normal deliveries (only), post-partum consultations (first six weeks post-partum), prenatal education, obstetric ultrasound, laboratory services and other auxiliary services.

The clinic offers maternity care and family planning services. 

For the last five years, they also run a community-based prenatal and postpartum care programme under the hospices of the church where they offer prenatal and postpartum care and follow-up to women in the vulnerable community of Nyabisindu, Remera. The women in this program me are required to have a Mutuelle de Sante insurance (although services are free) and are educated to follow through with appointments at their nearest Health Centre as well.

IRANZI clinic also welcomes private patients who are able to pay or have other types of health insurance. Since the opening of the clinic, they have been able to assist many deliveries and have seen excellent adherence to prenatal and post-partum appointments.