Why we must respect our parents


Pupils engage in fun presentations for their parents. Parents enjoy to see their children grow up happy and skilled. (Dennis Agaba)

There are many reasons for us as children to love our parents, but I think the most important of all is because they love and care about us unconditionally.

One day in class, our club teacher talked to us about the sacrifices that our parents do everyday to keep us safe and smiling, and she also reminded us that what we can do in return to repay their good will is to treat them with respect and always listen to them.

I managed to highlight some of the reasons why we must respect our parents and guardians and I believe it can help us as children to be responsible individuals.

First, our parents are older and wiser which means they have seen more of the world and have a lot of experience with what is bad or good for us.

Secondly, and the most important, our Parents have raised us, gave us their precious time, money, love, patience and effort in making us the people we are  today, among others

Besides, if you notice well, our parents are always there for us no matter what. Even when we do mistakes; they see us though the good and the bad and provide a listening ear and  sound advice without giving up on us.

I believe they are many reasons why we should never draw a deaf ear towards our parents, but it’s important to know that our parents are the only people with our best interest at heart, and thus respecting them is one way to show our gratitude.

By Christine Ishimwe Melissa

The writer is a 13 years old, grade six student