Rwandan peacekeepers hand over new classrooms to Darfur school


Rwandan peacekeepers, code-named RWANBATT49, serving under African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation (UNAMID) in North Darfur, Sudan, have handed over new classrooms constructed at EL SIREAF High Secondary School for Girls.

Inaugurated on October 11, 2017, the school is located at EL SIREAF locality, in Northern Darfur.

The humanitarian project by the Rwandan peacekeepers included construction of a 120mx90m perimeter wall, one block of two classrooms, two latrines, four rehabilitated classrooms and an administration office.

Following the handover of the new infrastructure, the school now has capacity to accommodate over 400 students.

The guest of honor cutting ribbon.
Inside classroom.

The project was sponsored by UNAMID and implemented by Rwandan peacekeepers deployed in Sector North Darfur as part of the Mission’s Quick Impact Projects programme.

In a statement, Abdomajid Mohammed, the representative from Sudan’s State Ministry of Education, appreciated the “great effort” by Rwandan peacekeepers who constructed and rehabilitated the school.

“We assure you that we will maintain this work for the coming generation to be a symbol of peace and love between people of Sudan and Rwandans,” the statement quotes him as saying.

The UNAMID Head of Office Sector North, Susaina Lowe, who presided over the inauguration ceremony, commended the “courage and effort of the Rwandan peacekeepers and their significant contribution and sustained commitment to the UN peacekeeping operations”.

On behalf of the Rwandan peacekeepers, Lt Col David Musirikare said the project is vital because the existing school structures were dilapidated.

He also said that it was previously a challenge for the administration to manage the security of the school, especially the movement of students and other people entering compound without control.

“This project will positively impact both the local community and UNAMID; it will also employ people settled in the area, reducing security threat to the school beneficiaries,” Lt Col Musirikare is quoted as saying in a statement sent to The New Times.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by delegations from the Government of Sudan, UNAMID officials, as well as the peacekeepers and local communities.