Silverbacks call off trip to Nairobi Safaricom 7s

Rwanda Rugby Federation (RRF) has cancelled plans to participate in this year’s Safaricom Sevens rugby tournament scheduled for November 3-5 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Safaricom Sevens, which attracts teams from different parts of the world, will take place just a week after a repeat of the Kenyan Presidential elections to be held on October 26.

RRF Secretary General, Tharcisse Kamanda admitted that the decision to call off the trip was based on the political tensions in Kenya, which he described as “unpredictable.”

“The situation is a bit tense in Kenya; after making an assessment we decided against travelling there and instead, we shall organize our own Seven Circuit around the same time,” he confirmed.

A re-run of the Presidential elections in Kenya has also affected other sports disciplines like cricket, football and athletes whereby competitions have been postponed due to political uncertainty.