Why should we engage in sports activities at school? Pupils share their experiences

Aloma Ishimwe

I think school would be boring without sports. It is through sports that we learn essential life skills, such as team-work, fair play and being hands-on. But most importantly, sports are the source of school friendship, mainly through interaction and sharing passion. Most of my friends are passionate about sports.

Aloma Ishimwe, Umuco Mwiza School



It is my dream to become a professional footballer in future, and I believe it’s through doing sports at school that will inspire me to reach my goal. As our teacher once told us sports is the foundation to our future careers to some of us. Some people have discovered their talents through engaging in sports activities, and that’s how important it is to play.

Kennedy Murindwanimana, Umuco Mwiza School


Melissa Irakoze

Sports are all about passion and having fun. It is through sports that pupils like us learn how to stay focused, be zealous and strive to succeed in different activities.

It is this zeal to succeed that is channeled in academics in the end. Besides, it makes school time fun and more creative.

Melissa Irakoze, Umuco Mwiza School


Melissa Irakoze

As commonly said, a healthy body promotes a healthy mind, and that, a playing child is a winning child. We play for fun, healthy bodies and relaxation.

Putting this together makes both a healthy mind and body. But another key point about sports, it is also a part of our academics and our engagement means extra grades.

Yves Shyaka, Umuco Mwiza School