Students share their thoughts on the need for competition in class

Brize Ishimwe

I believe that class competitions encourage hard work and improve academic focus.

Every student should feel the need to be thebest in class; it’s a great feeling to dominate others in class, and that is only possible through scoring good grades. Besides, when students know that there is competition, they tend to concentrate more in class.

Brize Ishimwe, 11years old

Gisele Mutoni

Competition acts as a wakeup call for academically weak students. A class that exercises competition inspires every student to work hard so as to cope with the speed in the classroom. A student is inspired to add more effort in his/her studies through revision, and, focus in class when the teacher is teaching, thus improving their grades eventually.

Gisele Mutoni, 13 years old

I think competition not only benefits students academically, it also helps them to excel in other productive activities outside the classroom since it trains them to be competitive, hardworking and passionate.

Ella Arakuze

Ella Arakuze, 9 years old


When students are competitive in class, it helps them to stay focused in their studies, and not get distracted by other activities that take place at school. Besides, competition enables students to use their time effectively, leaving them with less time to waste or engage in activities that are not educative.

Kerry Kayitare, 13 years old