We should support Kigali’s ambitious housing projects


An artistic impression of the newly planned settlement in Busanza in Kanombe Sector, Kicukiro District where the people who will be relocated from Kangondo neighbourhood in Nyarutarama, Gasabo District, will be relocated. (File)


RE: “Urgent solutions needed for former slum dwellers” (The New Times, September 13). A tenant can always find another house to rent. For me, I do not see any problem as long as the landlord will be given an alternative dwelling that is even more modern than his existing ram-shackled rental property.

This kind of arrangement has been working very well in India. There, slum dwellers give out their land in exchange for a flat in a modern settlement which does not have to be in-situ. It would be ideal if the landlord was to give priority to the old tenant to rent the new modern housing unit but this would also depend on the relationship they had.

We Rwandans have to understand that we would not be able to move forward if we feared every minor consequence resulting from our developmental projects. All developments will have both positive and negative consequences. We should not allow a development project to come to a standstill because its implementation can hurt one or two persons as opposed to a thousand people who will benefit.