KWEZI AND I...Speaking the food language

Nasra & Kwezi

People who say that Kwezi is a copy and paste version of me have only made that conclusion based only on our physical resemblance. What they don’t know is that the copy and paste version goes deeper, even as far as for instance, our love for food which is why it will feature in this column often.

If you grew up in this region, you perhaps will relate to some things I will be writing about. For instance, when I was growing up, I do not remember a day when I did not have porridge. In fact, my mother was so ‘dedicated’ to porridge that we sometimes used to have it in the evenings as our neighbours were having their “evening tea”.

So it was only natural that my plan to try and raise Kwezi the way I was raised brings porridge into the picture. If you are a mother working with a tight budget like myself, porridge is great. Besides its nutritious value, it’s also filling. To me, this is the true meaning behind the proverbial ‘killing two birds with one stone’.

While I have had my challenges like a first time mum, trying this and that, often winning and sometimes backfiring, I have been blessed with a child who takes her food very seriously and luckily for me, she took to porridge the way she has taken to anything that is edible.

I have seen parents struggle with their children’s appetites. Some have gone to child nutritionists. Some have found solutions while others are still fighting on. Kwezi has had luck. One of those privileges is an opportunity to live with her cousin Jasmine, who is only four months younger than her. They have literally lived in the same house since they were in our wombs. In Jasmine, she has found a friend, a playmate and these days, someone whose food she can hoard for herself since Jasmine’s appetite is not good.

Jasmine is more of a milk girl. Kwezi is actually transitioning, moving a little away from milk to heavier stuff. They share everything except milk.  I sometimes envy their bond, especially when it comes to food. They know how to exchange. Jasmine loves eggs. Kwezi loves avocado. When they are given both, they have figured out how to exchange, with each taking what they love most.  

She is a lucky girl but I am even a luckier parent.

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