Students share their thoughts about the importance of good time management

Practicing good time management enables a student to save time for other productive activities, both at home and school. A creative student is always involved in different activities whether educational or otherwise, which all requires time. So it’s through managing your time well that you save enough time to participate and excel in every activity you engage in. 

Diana Uwase, 12 years old

Knowing how to manage your time helps you become more productive in everything you do. We all know that an activity done in time without rushing is done efficiently, and the result is always outstanding. In academics, keeping time helps a student to make most out of their studies. The benefits of time keeping are far-reaching, thus I encourage my colleagues to embrace it.

Elisa Hakizimana, 14 years old

I believe time management paves a way for us to be extra-ordinary students and responsible individuals in our community. It’s obvious that a person who manages time well gets enough time to improve one’s academic performance, and takes part in several useful activities. In other words, time management boosts academic excellence.

William Rurangwa, 12 years old

Time management is a discipline that every individual should have. As young people we always want to participate in different things besides our studies. And the only way to achieve that goal is to value time by effectively respecting time planned for every activity. This eventually leaves you with abundant time for your hobbies.

Theogene Kwizera, 12 years old