It's fine for couples to work in same school

I was waiting to read the couple’s name and that would be icing on the cake.


RE: “Policy: Should husband and wife teach in the same school?” (The New Times, September 9).

I was waiting to read the couple’s name and that would be icing on the cake.

Is having a couple working in the same school a problem if they are both qualified and performing? Really? Secondly, in society at large, we have couples working in the same company, NGO, church or even Government. As long as there is no direct reporting then what is the problem?

Usually most organisations have a procedure manual. How about siblings, cousins, etc. working for the same school? I believe this is a non issue if we consider the real challenges we have in our education system.

I’m sure the school manager is happy having a competent couple teaching our youngsters. Let us not distract our noble teachers.


I completely agree that there is no issue with a couple working in a school, if they and the school administrators monitor their performance just as they would any teacher on the staff.

And to suggest that a couple is more likely to bring personal domestic issues to school than any other married teacher is wrong; if anything, the married couple will recognize that they have to work things out in advance of the school day.

Furthermore, there are important practical matters related to employing couples, especially in boarding schools where the school can provide staff housing on a more cost effective basis.

In the end we know that the single most important factor in a child’s educational progress is the quality of that teacher in that classroom on that day and making it possible for a couple to work in the same school, if they wish to do so, means that schools will be able to retain their most effective teachers.

That and that alone must be the criterion that underlies all educational policy decisions.



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