Editorial: Cyber Security is key to the success of online trading

Technology is slowly taking over our way of life. Smart phones have become a constant companion, an all-encompassing platform for our needs.

ICT has enslaved us and it is impossible to imagine how one can survive the day without it.

One no longer has to have cash on hand to make purchases, nor is there need to physically go shopping. ICT has solved all that with online payment.

The once luxurious credit card has become an integral part of one’s wallet and mobile payments have become the common currency. Welcome to a cashless economy.

With the fibre optic cable snaking all over the country, today we have one of the fastest and most affordable internet services.

Nearly all government services have gone digital and many startups are mushrooming everywhere so that ordering food or clothes online is normal.

So, with most financial services adopting the web so have thieves. Today cyber-crime has become the biggest threat that governments have to deal with because eThieves are very ingenious and are always a step ahead of regulators.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to set up guidelines and regulations to make sure cyber business is done in a safe environment.

Are our nascent eServices ready to meet the challenge posed by online crime? Are their payment systems secured? Are they always upgrading their firewalls? Those are questions eService providers should answer to assure users of online transactions. Security is key to the success of digital transactions.