PHOTOS: BK, RwandAir and Ameki Color are top exhibitors as 2017 expo closes


Bank of Kigali chief executive Diane Karusisi joined the staff to celebrate topping the 2017 Rwanda International Trade Fair in Kigali yesterday. Bank of Kigali emerged the Best overall exhibitor, followed by RwandAir, the national carrier. Ameki Color, a paint manufacturer came third. / Sam Ngendahimana

The 20th edition of the Rwanda International Trade Fair concluded yesterday with award of best exhibitors.

Bank of Kigali (BK) emerged the best overall exhibitor, followed by RwandAir, and Ameki Color, a paints manufacturer.

Minister Vincent Munyeshyaka chats with PSF Chairman Benjamin Gasamagera during the closing ceremony of International Trade Fair. / Sam Ngendahimana

Several other private and public companies as well as entrepreneurs from different countries were also recorgnised.

At the closing ceremony, Vincent Munyeshyaka, the minister for trade and industry, pledged continued government support to the private sector.

RwandAir's deputy chief executive officer Yvonne Manzi Makolo receives the trophy as her company become the first runner-up. / Sam Ngendahimana
Bank of Kigali staff celebrate the victory to be the best overall exhibitor of Expo 2017 concluded yesterday. / Sam Ngendahimana
Ameki Color emerged to be the second runner-up exhibitor of the International Trade Fair concluded yesterday. / Sam Ngedahimana

Benjamin Gasamagera, the chairperson of the Private Sector Federation, said this year’s trade fair gave priority to Rwandan made products so that local entrepreneurs can get exposure.

Minister for Trade and Industries Munyeshyaka speaks during the closing ceremony of the Expo 2017 yesterday. / Sam Ngendahimana

The Government is looking to reduce trade deficit by encouraging consumption of local products.

Minister for Trade and Industries Vincent Munyeshyaka hands the trophy to Bank of Kigali CEO Diane Karusisi as the staff join her yesterday. / Sam Ngendahimana
PSF chairman Gasamagera hands the trophy to Sina Gerard of Entreprise Nyirangarama for his 20th participation in the Expo. / Sam Ngendahimana

According to the organisers, this year’s expo attracted between 12,000 and 15,000 people on weekdays and between 25,000 and 35,000 on weekends.

International exhibitors and members of diplomatic corps follow the proceedings of the Expo closing ceremony. / Sam Ngendahimana
PSF chairman Gasamagera awards MTN during the closing ceremony. / Sam Ngendahimana
Sulfo Rwanda was also recognized to be among the exhibitors who have been with PSF for 20 years in the Expo. / Sam Ngendahimana
Rwandan singer Mani Martin and his band entertain the audience. / Sam Ngendahimana
433 exhibitors from 19 countries showcased in the Expo 2017. / Sam Ngendahimana

Up to 433 exhibitors from 19 countries showcased in the expo. They comprised 289 local companies and 144 from 18 foreign countries.