Duo releases song on conservation


Musician Gerard Shyaka. / Irene V. Nambi

Musicians mainly compose songs about love, beauty or heartbreak.

But for artiste Gérard Shyaka and his brother Jean de Dieu Iryamukuru, their approach to music is different. The brothers have collaborated to release a song that promotes protection of water resources in a bid to ensure sustainability of available natural resources.

The song titled Amazi ni Meza gives a comprehensive message calling upon Rwandans to take charge and protect their own environment.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5FfYE1zfEw

In an interview, Shyaka said that the environment plays a key role in the wellbeing of all people and called upon fellow citizens to plant trees and protect water resources.

He also adds that it is everyone’s role to ensure sustainability of available resources for future generations.

Born in 1964, Shyaka started singing in 1988, and his first song called Delira was released in 1989. Currently, he works at Water for Growth Rwanda, a local platform that promotes improved management of water resources.

The 53 year-old artiste plans to release more songs on environment protection in the future.

Besides this new song, Amazi ni Meza, Shyaka composed other songs like Delira, Hanze aha and Kanyange, among others.