BPR uses EXPO 2017 to elaborate saving options with the Bank


As the 2017 Rwanda International Trade Fair comes to an end this week, BanquePopulaire du Rwanda (BPR) Atlas Mara stall has been one of the most visited points with many individuals opening up personal savings accounts.

Last week, musician Tom Close, the BPR brand ambassador, welcomed visitors and clients alike as he navigated them the advantages of opening a savings account with BPR.


BPR has exhibited its ongoing national saving promotion “Hirwa Ugwize na BPR” where already existing customers and new ones who open one of their five saving accounts at the international trade fair and deposit on it a minimum of Rwf 100, 00 and maintain it for 3 months, do stand chances of winning themselves different prizes such as a smart Tv’, smart phones, decoders with monthly subscription, fridge, water pumps and cash among others.

Hirwa saving account

Clients are invited to open and or deposit (for those that already hold the account) on their account with BPR, giving them a chance of winning a prize.


Those who are eligible to participate in the “Hirwa Ugwize na BPR promotion” are BPR retail and SME customers with active current accounts and saving accounts (salaried employees and self-employed individuals) and non-BPR account holders who open up current and savings accounts in BPR where as for BPR employees and their family members are not eligible.

It requires to deposit and maintain a minimum balance of Rwf100, 000 and above for a period of three months.

Many customers who have been saving with “Hirwa Ugwize na BPR” have been walking away with Prizes in all regions across Rwanda from June 2017 and others are still receiving prizes on a weekly basis, there are also winners on social media who follow and answer questions on BPR’s social media platforms, they are selected in a raffle draw that is called publicly via media channels.

The Grand Prize will be won by one of the customers who will have deposited and maintained a minimum balance of Rwf100, 000 and above on their accounts for a period of three months.


The saving product also allows one to start earning interests when the accumulated savings reach Rwf 20,000. Customers also enjoy very attractive interest accrued in six months after saving with Hirwa Account.

Gwiza savings account

The account requires a minimum account opening balance of Rwf 100,000 with a monthly minimum saving of Rwf 25,000 and comes to maturity after 6 months but renewable with a notice of 15 days prior to account maturity date.

The product helps clients to enjoy competitive interest rates on the amount saved. No withdrawals are allowed from the account, except with a notice period of 91 days and this leads to loss of interest.

Giricumbi savings account

The saving product enables the client to own a house (either buying, constructing or renovating) since it gives the client easy access to a discounted BPR mortgage loan compared to others.


It is offered to salary earners and business owners with incomes above or equal to Rwf450, 000 per month. It has a minimum opening balance of Rwf 100,000 and a minimum monthly saving Rwf 100,000.

To qualify for financing, the client must have accumulated at least 10% of the total cost of the housing project.

It allows enjoyment of competitive BPR interest rates on amount saved and no monthly account management fees is charged.

Abana savings account

The saving product helps save for children, eligible to all people under 21 years of age with minimum account balance of Rwf 5,000.

It allows to enjoy competitive interest rates on amount saved ,free of charge withdrawal cost once a month and a client starts earning interest when they have saved over RWF 20,000.


It is free deposit on the account with any amount, at any time.

Standard savings account

By saving money, the product helps to grow investments and cater for future needs.

It requires Rwf 50,000 minimum account opening balance with deposits and withdrawals allowed only once a week. Interest on deposits is accrued daily and a total sum earned calculated at the end of year.

It is a product with easy access to BPR credit facilities, no current account is required as account can have more than one signatories.

6. Fixed Term Deposit

The product is for those who want to earn more by saving for longer periods.

To open the account, it requires one to have a current account with BPR, a minimum account balance of Rwf10, 000 to operate and no account management fees is charged.

It takes 30 days to a year for a client deposit to mature and offer competitive market rates depending on the amount and the length of time for which it has been saved. No withdrawals are allowed from this account before maturity.