interview: Why is it necessary to teach young people the value of charity?

Christine Shimwe, 12 years

This is a must-have life value for every young person. It is a good sign of being compassionate to the needy and those that need support at any time. Our teacher once told us that whether rich, poor, strong or weak, there comes a time when you need a helping hand from someone else, thus it’s important to sow good seeds by assisting those around you when you’re in a position to support.


Ariane Cyuzuzo, 12 years

From my understanding, charity is mainly about caring and helping one another. It is an act of good faith. It not only shows a good heart but humanity and as the Bible puts it, it’s good to help those in need. When you help your friend or the needy you set a good example for others to follow.


Desire Nyandwi, 14 years

Charity is more than giving out a piece of bread, but rather more of a bond that you create with the person you help. I believe that when you assist a person, you open a way for them to communicate and express themselves and also share their inner feelings. Also, helping breaks the boundaries of selfishness and makes you a better person. These are good lessons that young people can gain from doing charity.


Keria Beza, 13 years

Our teachers always tell us that though we are similar, our abilities are different. They teach us that those with more should help those with less; and that’s how charity works. As young people we need to look beyond our needs. It is a noble thing to take care of the needs of our colleagues with what we have whether plenty or little.

By Dennis Agaba