Ndikumana Hamad Katauti is a name that is familiar with anyone who follows trends in Rwanda.

Does Katauti miss his wife?

Ndikumana Hamad Katauti is a name that is familiar with anyone who follows trends in Rwanda. Katauti made a name for himself some years back when he was still playing football, but his name became even bigger in the rest of the region when he married popular Tanzanian actress, Irene Uwoya, commonly known as Oprah.

After having an on and off relationship since their wedding day in 2009, the couple broke it off for good in February this year, but it seems that the pain of the separation is still raw for Katauti. While his ex-wife continues to appear in Tanzanian tabloids more for her scandals than her movies, 37-year-old shy and soft spoken Katauti is said to have accepted that the relationship is over but he cannot move on from the perks that came with his past marriage. For instance, he is said to have told talk show hosts that the thing he misses most about Oprah is how she used to treat him, pointing out how he will never forget how she had gotten him used to breakfast in bed.

The marriage, which is said to have been affected by the couple’s physical fights, short tempers and accusations of adultery, left them with a son to co-parent and Katauti is said to be back in Rwanda. Is there still hope for these two? Maybe. Maybe not. The public fights are what action movies are made of, so we won’t hold our breath.


Samputu/Chameleone  to release ‘True Love’ collabo today

Not many people can confidently say that they have been phenomenal enough to be subjects of a book. Well, our very own Jean-Paul Samputu, who is a self-appointed ambassador of culture, has had a book called ‘Rwanda’s Voice: An Ethno-musicological Biography of Jean- Paul Samputu’ written by Miami University based researcher, Swanson Brent. But that is a story for another day. Samputu and Uganda’s afro-beat king Jose Chameleone will today release a song called True Love. Samputu says that every little loose end has been tied up and the song should be on air today. We can’t wait because this unusual combination should be nothing short of magical.


Social Mula’s ‘Baby Mama’ wants their relationship off social media

Singer Lambert Mugwaneza, commonly known as Social Mula, recently announced that he is a father, after having a baby with one of the dancers in his videos who we now know is called Naila Uwase. Though we all know her in ‘Amahitamo’ which is the one that united the two, Uwase is said to have told Social Mula not to refer to her in any of his interviews or on social media. Interestingly though, their son, Owen Brayden Mugwaneza, is already a social media star after his parents opened for him an Instagram account that boasts of about 1700 followers. The new parents may be having disagreements about talking about each other in the media, but they definitely don’t mind using their platforms to share photos of their son who they call their joy and blessing. Good luck to these two.


Jules Sentore is going places

One thing that we admire about cultural singer Jules Sentore is his dedication to promoting culture and it seems like that it’s finally paying off. Sentore has been chosen to represent Rwanda at the ‘Festival du Cinéma Africain de Khouribga’ attending in his capacity as a traditional music artiste. Sentore will head to Morocco with a team of four who will support him when he performs at the festival, then in the city of Khouribga and later he will entertain Rwandans living in Morocco. Way to go Sentore!


Kitoko bids Rwanda farewell

After what we recently saw with US based singers Meddy and ‘The Ben’, it is intriguing that Kitoko, who has made a name for himself in Rwanda and beyond, never attaches a lot of fanfare to his visits to Rwanda. We only found out that he was in the country for the campaigns when some fans at the airport sneakily took pictures of him coming in and the next time we saw him was on different sites where he accompanied President Kagame on his campaign trail. Kitoko, who has been living in the UK since 2013 pursuing a degree in Political Science, finally packed up and left after spending 48 days in the country.


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