The little girl called Star


Reading books inspires you to become a good writer, and story teller. / Dennis Agaba

Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Star. Star lived in a village with her aunt. Star and her aunt believed that they lived with a flower called the golden flower. That flower was very powerful. When it glowed it lit up in the sky, which meant the flower was in danger. Star and her aunt used to look for the flower every time but they never found it. One day Star was collecting some flowers, just then she saw a light, but this time the light was shining too much. She remembered “this means that the Golden flower is in danger.”

That time her aunt was away, so she decided to go find the flower by herself. She went deep in the woods and found the golden flower. But there, she didn’t only see the flower. She saw “Maleficent” the wicked fairy. Star hid behind a tree and heard the plan of Maleficent to take all the powers of the golden flower. Star said “Oh no!” Suddenly she got an idea.

She dressed up like a little wicked fairy and she came in front of Maleficent. She said “I will help you to destroy this flower”. Maleficent said “come here” she called Star. Maleficent told Star to mix different potions. But as she got near Maleficent’s wand, she waved it at Maleficent and Maleficent vanished forever. They were safe now from the wicked fairy.

When Star reached home her aunt was proud and everyone was thankful to her. They celebrated the success by a party with a big cake, balloons, food, and music. All the people danced as they rejoiced and they lived happily ever after.

Written By Khushi Upadhyay

P.2, Ecole La Colombiere