Children share their ideas on why it's important to keep self-respect


William Rurangwa, 13 years old

1503449025Chanella Uwineza
Chanella Uwineza 

Chanella Uwineza, 12 years old

Self-respect boosts personal development and improves enlightenment about life and those around you.

It empowers a person to be passionate and work hard so that they perform well in everything they handle.

To me this is the most important life value since it’s the foundation to a good life. 


1503449200Micheal Gime
Micheal Gime 

Micheal Gime, 13 years old

Both at home and school we learn that having self-respect is the first step towards believing in oneself and it builds self-confidence which is necessary for a person to achieve their goals in life.

I have learnt that without self-respect you lose your identity in your community and among your colleagues. 


1503449361Papius Muhire
Papias Muhire 

Papias Muhire 

From my experience, I believe self-respect can literally affect the way one thinks, acts, as well as performance, whether academic or social.

Our class teacher always tells us that a student with self-respect is always mostly characterised by brilliant ideas, unlike the one who lacks that attribute.

I think self-respect is very important, and thus should be exercised by all people. 


William Rurangwa, 13 years old

I believe that having high self-respect builds and promotes the spirit of responsibility and confidence in a person.

As students it helps us to make mature decisions in our daily activities, by helping us to know what is good and bad for us.