Can religious organisations be trusted?


RE: “Government urges closer collaboration with clergy” (The New Times, August 17).

To think that human decency and moral values have to be dictated or inculcated into our psyches via foreign evangelical entities, is, in and of itself troublesome if not utterly embarrassing!

These religious organizations cannot be trusted or counted upon on matters of reconciliation, poverty eradication, honesty, transparency etc. They should be and must be taxed first and foremost. Not only because it’s fiscally sound, for they are for profit organizations but, also because as social enterprises, they have a fundamental and moral obligation to be held accountable for their actions.

The fact that their hierarchical structures continue, as has always been for centuries, to work in favor of the highest ranking members of the clergy yet the commoners are and have always been the poor low-ranking members of these organizations, this fact alone should be and must be the number one concern of the government.

Historically, religious organizations cannot be trusted to operate in complete autonomy. And I’m only hoping the Government realises, as it should, that foreign religions no longer have a place in post-Genocide Rwandan society.

And I say this with a full realisation that our Constitution guarantees religious freedom.

Ali Rukariza