Why Rwandans love to chart their own way forward


RE: “When Rwandans rebuked detractors” (The New Times, August 8).

Another of those excellent opinion pieces we have come to expect from Joseph Rwagatare. If I have any quibble it is with his final remark that scholars and experts on Rwanda, “Stop coming here loaded with models and theories of governance, and imposing them on the country and expecting it will fit nicely.”

My disagreement is not so much with his entirely correct view that any such models of governance would not fit with our country. It is merely with the idea that we would allow them to impose any such models on us, at all.

The just concluded elections, and before them the referendum to amend the constitution and the national consultations that led to the referendum, underline the fundamental quality of today’s Rwanda: We totally reject any attempts to impose anything over us.