All set for President Kagame's victory concert


The Ben (pictured), Charly & Nina, among others, will perform at the victory concert. / Courtesy

Two weeks after President Paul Kagame was re-elected, Rwanda’s star artistes are set to perform at the Kigali Intsinzi Concert at Amahoro Stadium parkinglot today at 6pm.

The concert organised by City of Kigali, has a lineup that includes, PGGSS7 winners Dream Boys, Christopher, Bruce Melody, Charly & Nina, Urban Boys, Riderman, Jay Polly, Kitoko, Senderi and Sgt Robert.

Also, Rwandan US-based artiste, The Ben, who is already in the country for the Kwita Izina gala this month, will be performing at the concert to celebrate the President’s victory.

Bruce Melody.
Charly & Nina.
Jay Polly.
Sergeant Robert.
Urban Boys.
Dream Boys.

During the presidential campaigns, several artistes graced the campaign rallies and made a significant impact as they entertained people.

Several artistes like Kitoko, composed campaign songs while Bruce Melody released a victory song Ntidukina which he will be performing at the free concert.

Bruno Rangira, the media and communications officer at City of Kigali, said that the concert will thrill Rwandans, and is a way to celebrate having completed a successful election period.

“Rwandans were very active in the campaign and election process and therefore deserve to jubilate at the inauguration of their chosen President,” he said.