Our collective efforts will end poverty


Some locals till land in preparation for planting. Value addition in agriculture is among the strategies being used to fight poverty. Net photo


RE: “Now that the elections are done, time to get back to work” (The New Times, August 6).

Celebrations are indeed in order, even necessary. But still, now that the elections are done and their outcome crystal-clear, let’s resume work with renewed vigor, remembering, as President Paul Kagame has rightly pointed out to us, that poverty is infinitely more painful than the most demanding labour.

Our greatest strategic and existential enemy is the poverty of too many of our people; so, working to eliminate such poverty and to break its shackles on the lives of too many of our people is the greatest patriotic duty of each and every one of us, singly and collectively.

Let’s get back to work.

Mwene Kalinda