Let’s talk about GOD

Whenever people talk about GOD, it always reminds me of one thing; that the grass and the foliage always seem greener on the other side of the fence. Indeed, few of us are ever satisfied with our own situation, our own station in life, always assuming others have it easier.

But first things first; this is not about the GOD on your mind, but rather the Good Old Days.

Recently there was a slight drizzle that produced about six drops of rain near where I was seated, and this instantly gave me a flashback of sorts; memories about my early childhood came gushing forth from my mind in a manner that made me wonder what connection rain has got with childhood memories. Whenever it rains, or threatens to rain, I tend to automatically hit childhood memory lane.

I start to think of when I used to go around the house on rainy days, looking for dark nooks in which to hide and play all sorts of mischief. Those days when an early morning downpour was a legitimate reason to not go to school because there was little that I loved about school.

I remember the mad dash we would make in the wet green grass, and how we cherished standing in the rain, stark naked. To discourage us from this activity, older people would admonish us with threats that we would contract malaria from playing in the rain in much the same way that eating mangoes falling from the rain would.

Good old days also brings memories of playing “I am daddy and you are mummy” or simply “playing house” because as a kid, one of your first ambitions is to become a parent. It brings memories about how carefree life was, when we didn’t really give a damn about anything. Even as I grew older and started making cars out of wire and scrap metal, life was good.

But a time comes when a must goes through school and college and thereafter graduates to a life of their own. Then, slowly but steadily, the good days begin to slip through one’s fingers and gradually seem like a thing of the past. Life assumes a less optimistic tone from then on. It’s a point of no return.

At this point, it’s no longer tenable to sneak off to the neighbor’s house to watch your favorite TV series like used to happen in the good old days.

Soon you begin to question the very veracity and truth in the statement “good old days”. It soon dawns on you that, the only time life has been easy for anyone is when the world did not have any people in it yet; that there has always been suffering, wars, turmoil and disasters.

Moral of the story:

Stop living in the past lane because the days of old were not actually that great for you. It was merely how you perceived them vis a vis how you perceive the here and now. The time is now, to begin to alter your perception of the present and future.

You’re alive and have access to 4G internet with which to download free music. Why cry over yesterday’s milk?