First complete your current course

Dear counsellor,
After two years studying at a local university, I recently got a scholarship to study in a famous university in the USA, which sounds like big deal to my family. However, I have to start afresh if I take the scholarship. i Am wondering if it’s worth trashing the two years I have accomplished. Please advise me? Alice

Scholarships are merit-based aid based on one’s talents or academic achievements.

Finding one may seem quite challenging especially with the cut-throat competition for the few available offers. However, if you’re given a scholarship offer and you feel you cannot take it because you’re currently running another course is a question of choice and interest. It’s not about option or parental loyalty, it’s about your interest after all and choice about what you feel is the most appropriate academic route that’s likely to accelerate your journey speed to your career achievements.

If you’re already pursuing a privately-sponsored course at another university and now that you’re even in the second year, I would strongly recommend that you carry-on and make the most of your present course.

It takes a lot of financial and mental sacrifice to persevere through a course to the second year. Your parents want you to get the best in life that is why they’re pleased about the news of your scholarship. However, they’re simply not considerate about the financial and intellectual investment that you have so far put in your current course.

Correspondingly, Second year grades usually contribute substantially towards your overall degree grade and so there might be need for negotiation between you and your parents about their idea of wanting you to quit your current course for a start-up scholarship course. Apparently, both you and your parent need to be on the same page about this process. Because talking about money isn’t always a light conversation, it’s important to bring it up at a time when your parents aren’t distracted and you have their full attention.

Try to sensitise them about the great milestone you have reached so far in your second year of study and highlight the importance of finishing up with your course. You could give them assurance and work plan about how you’re determined to succeed through this route. Your career choice, loyalty to your parents is not an obligation imposed by outside influence, but internal potentials and decisions that should be made freely on the basis of your own passion and intuition.

I would recommend that you turn down the scholarship offer politely and later apply for a fresh masters degree scholarship after completing your private sponsored bachelors degree.

Scholarships come in a variety of forms and dimensions. Some are offered by the governments, others by private charitable organizations and companies or individuals and the most common ones are offered by the universities/institutions. There are scholarships that are offered on a need-based or merit-based criterion, while some are offered to students coming from specific regions and countries. No parent ever wants to see their child fail or unhappy, so use your emotional appeal and convince them to continue paying your tuition fees on a self sponsored basis for your current studies. Just use this approach and you’re exactly squarely in the victory circles.