Did the huge crowds at Kagame rallies take critics by surprise?


A mammoth crowd received RPF-Inkotanyi's presidential candidate and incumbent President Paul Kagame in Rubavu District on July 26. Courtesy.


RE: “In Gakenke, RPF candidate Kagame pledges more devt” (The New Times, August 1). We have got to understand the world better. Before the start of the electoral campaign, the naysayers had their own made image of the state of Rwandans about their beloved President Paul Kagame.

They had the image of a leader who has no public support and who would be discouraged by this year’s election. They thought too much energy would be applied to force citizens to show up to the campaign rallies. They created an image of a population that would come up with a face of disappointment. They narrated false stories and fake news to play with the public’s mind; however, what has come out of the campaigning days has left them speechless.

As usual, to cover up their faces, they are now claiming that this entire crowd is being pulled from their homes at gunpoint.

Here’s a presidential hopeful who’s preaching peace, love, unity, security and development and you expect people to dislike that. You got a candidate whose work is well known to all Rwandans. The writing is on the wall for everyone to see. This can’t obviously be the achievements of a dictator.

If the progress the country has been registering under the stewardship of President Kagame is because of dictatorship then we need more of him in Africa. We need to implant more Kagames in many African states and perhaps beyond.  

I was reading one Solange Nyiramwiza’s comment on Twitter, thus: “If the climate of fear in Rwanda makes my people happy like this, I’d recommend the UN to impose it in all its member countries”. This is very true; Rwandans have defied babblers of their country an opportunity to write them history. They are now writing theirs, their choices, their candidate, their Kagame.

I have already booked RwandAir ticket and will be in Kigali before August 4.