Mindset change and support from teachers will help

We’re all distinctively intelligent, with different strengths, talents and learning potentials. This is consistent with increasing research which asserts that there exists a multitude of intelligence levels among people and each intelligence level has its own strengths and constraints. You may be temporarily suffering from knowledge gaps that impair your speed or ability to grasp the learning concepts at the same pace with your classmates but just know that; you have great capacity for growth and improvement, and that growth will be most stimulated when you draw on your existing strengths, skills, and knowledge to promote your supplementary learning and exploration. There are plenty of productive ways through which you can turn this into an exciting academic experience and strengthen your existing abilities and confidence as potential opportunities to improve your understanding and classroom concentration.

So pick courage and have a balanced approach to preparing and executing academic challenges, without sacrificing your other passions. Try to focus on your personal academic goals and individualized progress to do your personal best, rather than entirely comparing your mental capacity to that of your classmates. Try to establish strong lines of communication with teachers and high-achieving classmates for collaboration, consultation and discussion. Take for instance, a tree climbing competition between a fish and a monkey may demonstrate the monkey’s extraordinary intelligence in climbing yet both parties once subjected to a swimming competition, the fish too will display its unique wisdom. Basically, being confident in your abilities actually increases the odds that you will succeed at what you are doing, regardless of your friends’ bad comments about you.

The best way to get out of a failure is changing your mindset about the way you perceive learning and begin to appreciate your weaknesses within your underlying skills as potential opportunities to improve your understanding and classroom performance. However, don’t try to stretch yourself beyond your limits but rather capitalize on eliminating your frustration and negativity that imparts a scary force on your brain performance and learning potentials. Remember that human intelligence can grow exponentially if exposed to repeated conditioning and practice. You don’t need to be the most genius student in the class before you begin to count yourself successful. In fact modern research asserts that most genius students in early schools don’t make it to the highest peak of life success yet averages people do

Don’t mind whether your friends laugh at you or not. It’s your choice whether you give them the right to ruin your motivation and strength or stand on your firm ground to evolve into someone whom they end up imitating or envying. So don’t take it personally. They just need some time to grow up. So just strengthen your career journey and be close to your teachers for consultation and assistance. You will reap big.