'The Messengers' in gospel comedy show


Clapton Kibonke will also attend the concert. Net

‘The Messengers’ group will entertain Christians in a concert dubbed ‘Take the Messengers Comedy Concert’ that will take place at Healing Centre Church in Remera this Sunday.

The Messengers, a group of church members at Healing Centre Church, will be preaching the gospel through comedy.

The show is organised by Urugero Media Group in collaboration with Healing Centre.

Innocent Israel Nkusi, a member of Messenger Group, said that their message will focus on usual life experiences like courtship, relationships, marriage, parenting, and school life. They’ll also have short plays that will characterise how Christian teenagers should behave.

“Our show will not just be to entertain, but to teach the word of God and that is why we invited only gospel artistes,” he says.

Babu from Comedy Knights and gospel artiste Kibonke Clapton known for his track Fata Telephone Mana are expected to perform. Boanerges Gospel Group from Urugero Music Academy and Serge Ntore will also attend.