I want to be my own boss

Dear Counsellor,

Three months ago, I quit my job because I couldn’t stand my boss’ attitude. He was rude and unappreciative of anything good around the office. I merely said I had to leave abruptly for personal reasons. I then started working at my father’s public relations firm but he doesn’t want to pay me. He keeps telling me that he will and that business is bad but that’s not true at all. I’m now tempted to go back to my old job and see if they’ll take me back. My boss might have been bad-mannered but at least he paid his workers. I’ve also been thinking about going into business and perhaps starting up my own law firm but I’m not sure my savings can cover that. What kind of business opportunity can I tap into with Rwf1,200,000? What would be the best way forward for someone in my situation? I’m torn and I need employment.