When party colours attract more customers

When the campaign period officially opened on Friday, Viateur Ntakirutimana, who runs a phone charging business at M-Peace Plaza, decided to paint his kiosk in Rwanda Patriot Front (RPF) party colours to show his support.

However, little did he know that the bright colours; red, white and blue of insignia would attract many customers. “As a supporter, I repainted the kiosk to get in the election mood and show my support for the party. Luckily, this seemed to have endeared me to telephone users as the number of customers has almost doubled.” Ntakirutimana said many people are drawn to his kiosk by the party colours thinking that he sells party items. “When they realise that do not sell them, some instead leave behind their phones or iPhone batteries for charging,” he said.

Ntakirutimana said he will not change his kiosk colours even after elections.