Good governance, welfare & economy top RPF manifesto


Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF-Inkotanyi) Secretary-General Francois Ngarambe (C) addresses the media as party commissioner Wellars Gasamagera, who will be the media relations officer during presidential election campaigns (L), and RPF Commissioner Marie Claire Mukasine look on in Kigali yesterday. (Photos by Gabriel Dusabe)

RPF-Inkotanyi has unveiled its manifesto for the forthcoming presidential campaigns, which will mainly focus on the party’s plans to strengthen the economy, social welfare, and good governance as well as justice in the next seven years.

Party officials unveiled the political programme at a news conference in Kigali yesterday in the lead-up to the official launch of presidential campaigns tomorrow.

The conference was held at the media centre set up by the RPF-Inkotanyi to facilitate journalists during the three weeks of the campaigns.

Addressing the media, RPF Secretary-General François Ngarambe said the party’s flagbearer, President Paul Kagame, will meet Rwandans in every district across the country, starting tomorrow in Ruhango District.

“In some districts, he will campaign at more than one site, depending on the geographic nature of the area,” he said.

 The party, which continues to espouse the virtues of unity, democracy, and development, has promised in its manifesto that it will strengthen the economy, improve social welfare for all Rwandans, and promote good governance and justice.

Ngarambe said a lot has been achieved in those areas in the last seven years but stressed that the RPF would seek the people’s mandate so that the gains can be sustained in the next seven-year presidential mandate.

“What we will tell Rwandans are mostly about how we can sustain achievements made so far in the areas of the economy, wellbeing, good governance and justice,” he said, explaining that the party knows what it did to promote those crucial areas and what it wants to do next.

As all presidential candidates launch their campaigns tomorrow, RPF will be in Ruhango, where all party followers in the district and other Rwandans have been invited to come and share with President Kagame on how they feel the country should move forward.

“In the RPF’s new manifesto, we want to continue working with all Rwandans in finding quick solutions. Activities to promote our candidate will reach everyone,” Ngarambe said.

Officials and journalists during yesterday’s RPF news conference.


The party has pledged to continue building a knowledge-based economy and investing heavily in creating profitable jobs, increase agricultural production, promote a service-based economy, develop industries, and develop urbanisation and rural settlement.

In a manifesto booklet availed to the public by the party yesterday, RPF says it will also promote the wellbeing of Rwandans by improving the quality of education, continue promoting the rights of women and children, further improve healthcare, and strengthen social protection programmes for vulnerable members of society.

In good governance and justice, the party wants the next seven years to serve as a time for Rwandans to strengthen their unity, build stronger security and governance institutions, and promote the country’s diplomacy to further improve development in Rwanda and Africa at large.

At the news briefing, the secretary-general of the RPF thanked all Rwandans for their previous trust in the party’s programme and invited them to once again trust it with the next presidential mandate in order to achieve even greater heights.

“We know what we did and we know what we want to do next,” Ngarambe said, essentially inviting Rwandans to once again vote for RPF’s candidate in the forthcoming presidential polls.

At the event, Ngarambe presented to the media Wellars Gasamagera, a commissioner in the RPF, who will be the party’s spokesperson for the campaigns.

Campaigns for the three candidates in the presidential elections begin tomorrow and end on August 3, a day before Rwandans in the country go to the polls.

Besides Kagame, other candidates are Frank Habineza, of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, and Phillipe Mpayimana, an independent.