Rwanda’s political system is participatory and inclusive


Rwandans exercise their right to vote during past elections. (File)


RE:We should not allow foreign forces to derail the electoral process” (The New Times, July 10).

We have a multiparty system of governance that ensures participation of all citizens. As a result, we have been able to achieve goals that eluded us for over 100 years characterised by the colonialists and their protégé mail bag regimes after the belgians granted us independence only paper. The incessant attempts to derail our democracy cannot succeed given the quality of our leadership presently and level of the citizens’ political awareness.


I wouldn’t lose sleep over the so called West at this present moment in time. Europe is “just about managing” as the Conservatives put it. And this is where a true good political poker player comes into their own: President Kagame knows his onions very well. He knows Europe is wounded—perhaps fatally; hence his pivoting to the Middle East (Israel in particular). For he knows where true clout and power lies. The Jewish people know how to whip up a commercial/trade bazaar like no other.

Having been hustled and chased all across Europe, they took their fanfare (wares and craftsmanship) to America back in the da      ys. No prizes for guessing which of the two (Europe Vs US) worn out. The rest is history.

I foresee a very wealthy albeit aggressively capitalist Rwanda in the years ahead should Benjamin Netanyahu/Reuven Rivlin buy/farm-in. For they will usher in their fellowship of American money bags and the chartering class regardless of how angry Jean-Claude Juncker & co. (read sons) agitate.

Ggwanga Mujje