Cameroonian gospel star to headline 'Fragrance of Worship'


Olivier Cheuwa. Net

Swiss-based Cameroonian gospel musician Olivier Cheuwa is set to perform alongside musical couple Chris and Laura Christensen, at the much-anticipated Fragrance of Worship show in Kigali.

The show, due Sunday, July 16 at Christian Life Assembly, promises to be one of the biggest gospel music concerts to be staged at the Nyarutarama based church, and the addition of the founders of the group Exo, one of the leading European praise groups, has only added to the hype.

Hip-hop sensation Cheuwa is famous for gospel hits such as Personne, Ça Ira, Mon Ideal, L’ Amour d’Un Père, and Mon Seul Abri, among others.

According to Moriah Entertainment Group, the organisers, the purpose of the concert is to restore true worship and provide a platform to people to express gratitude to Jesus and renew their commitment to His ways.

Local acts set to perform at the event include Gaby Kamanzi and Patient Bizimana. Burundi’s Fortran Bigirimana will also perform.

This will be Cheuwa’s first visit to Rwanda.

Born in Douala, Cameroon on October 31, 1974, before moving to and settling in Canada 16 years later, Cheuwa joined the group Jireh Gospel Choir and has since participated in several major festivals around the world. In 2001, he participated in a gospel album “Génération du Réveil” with Luc Dumont. In 2003, he made the first part of the concert of Luc Gingras, who is among the Pioneers of Gospel music in Quebec.

In 2004, he worked with Maggie Blanchard (pioneer of the French-speaking Gospel,) in her in concerts in France, Belgium. He later staged his own concerts in Côte d’Ivoire; Gabon; Congo; Guadeloupe; Martinique; Guyana; Mauritius; Madagascar (for UNICEF), Tahiti; New Caledonia, where he sponsored the Eureka project for the inclusion of Kanak youth in their social environment; and Cameroon, his home country.