Muslim community pledges to play active role in presidential poll

Rwanda Muslim Community (RMC) will play a supportive role toward the success of the forthcoming Presidential Election slated for August 4, officials have said.

Addressing a news conference on Friday, Sheikh Moussa Sindayigaya, the spokesperson of RMC, said Rwandans have to know their rights in elections and that this needs concerted efforts from everyone to achieve.

Sindayigaya said: “The involvement of every Rwandan in the upcoming election is needed to make it a success. That is why the Muslim community is ready to play a crucial role and contribution in the upcoming presidential polls in one way or another.”

Meanwhile, RMC has directed NGOs wishing to support Muslims to channel their support through the Muslim organisation in order to make sure the support reaches intended beneficiaries.

“If a sponsor wishes to support the Muslim community, he needs to let us know what exactly they are going to offer, where the support comes from, how it will be distributed, the background of the sponsor and intended beneficiaries so we can make sure that the support reaches them,” Sheikh Sindayigaya said.

The same will apply to those wishing to provide foodstuff to the Muslim community at the end of the month of Ramadhan ahead of the Eid Al-Fitr celebrations.

Changes on pilgrimage registration

Every year, Muslims worldwide hold ‘Hijja’, a five-day annual pilgrimage undertaken in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, bringing together Muslims from all nationalities to cleanse them of sin and bringing them closer to God.

This year, the holy ceremony will take place between August 30 and September 4.

In Rwanda, up to 450 Muslims make the annual pilgrimage, which used to be organised by Fast Hidja and Umla Company (FAHICO).

RMC has since taken over the organisation from the company “in order to run a well-organised pilgrimage and a create good environment, unity and love among members of Muslim community,” according to Sheikh Sindayigaya.

This year, the pilgrims will travel together, contrary to the previous editions when they would go in separate groups.