‘Sports for All’ programme launched in Gicumbi

Officials from the Ministry of Sports and Culture (MINISPOC) have urged the residents of Kaniga in Gicumbi district to get involved in ‘Mass Sports and Sports for All’ initiative.

While launching the programme at Mulindi w’Intwali in Kaniga, which is located about 70 kilometres northeast of Kigali, the Director of Sports in MINISPOC, Emmanuel Bugingo urged the residents to engage in sports in order to maintain health life.

“Every Friday afternoon, the government dedicated this time for everyone to engage in sports so that we can take some time off from work to socialise with each other. Sport brings people together including public, private workers and communities,” Bugingo said last Friday.

More than four hundred residents of Kaniga including women, children, district employees and representatives of MINISPOC, engaged in several sports activities that included athletics, jogging, core fitness exercises as well as traditional wrestling.

Given that Gicumbi is one of the Rwandan districts on high altitude, the Ministry of Sports in partnership with the district and the Rwanda Athletics Federation (RAF) have plans to construct a track and field training facility in the area that will be used to develop talent.

Charlotte Benihirule, who is in charge of Social Affairs in Kaniga sector encouraged the residents to involve in sports for purposes of socializing with one another.

Benihirule reminded the residents that, “Through the Sports for All initiative, Rwanda has become united at all levels.”