Obama is free to earn a living as an expert


RE: “Obama and the $400,000 question” (The New Times, May 6).

Not sure what is all the fuss about Barack Obama making an honest living after leaving office. Isn’t that the American dream afterwards? It is all about supply and demand as long his earnings are taxed.

For me, I think the former president should just benefit from his investment/experience in leading the “free world” just as his predecessors did.

As long as his present and future consultancy activities don’t harm the security of the United States then let the man make a living and he deserves it.

Afterwards, the United States is not a communist or a socialist country where everyone should earn the same regardless of the value one brings. It is where it is today because of free enterprise and strong institutions.

I even think that $400,000 from Wall Street is peanut. These financiers would spend twice as much on some useless advisers who would predict stuff that everyone knows. If the senators are not happy then they should step down from office and see what the market would pay them for their speeches/time. Market rules people...Get a life.