What's troubling Diamond Platnumz?

On Monday, Instagram was ablaze after a fight between Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and her baby daddy, Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz, ensued. The two exchanged in a serious war of Swahili words, with pictures in tow that left many seeking the services of translators, and thereafter, coming to the conclusion that there was trouble in paradise.

It is said that on Sunday, Zari went to her deceased ex-husband’s (Ivan Ssemwanga) spa where she bumped into one Edwin Lutaaya, a cousin to the deceased. The two hit the hot tub together as Lutaaya’s wife took pictures that eventually found their way to the Internet. The pictures of course got to Platnumz who was quick to interpret it negatively.

He quickly shared the pictures saying that the reason he chooses to be ‘a player’ is because of such things. Zari tried to explain but the Bongo Flavour star was not taking any of that. Zari’s relatives, including her sisters, had to calm Platnumz down with proof that the guy in the picture is a relative and that there was no need for drama.

“I’m God fearing, I did not know that those pictures would go viral. Ivan was my brother; I never meant to offend you as alleged. That picture was taken in decency. Deep down in my heart, I have no intention of hitting on my in-law. I respect you and will never come in between you and Zari,”Lutaaya said.

Platnumz eventually pulled down the post, though screenshots had already been taken and shared all over social media.