Will Ingabire represent Rwanda at Miss Supranational?


Habibah Ingabire didn’t take her loss during this year’s Miss Rwanda beauty pageant very well.

Ingabire showed up with a team of supporters during the competition finale in February. However, she was eventually eliminated and did not take it well. She took to her social media pages and blasted organisers, accusing them of unfairness and ‘plotting’ against her.

The rumour mill’s latest spin is that Ingabire may represent Rwanda on the global stage. Word has it that she will travel to Poland for the competition that will be streamed live to more than 100 million people across 120 countries worldwide.

Miss Supranational is relatively new in the pageant industry. The first contest was held in 2009 in Poland. The annual event focuses on women with natural beauty and grace. The competition is expected to be held on December 1.

To be able to participate in the contest, one must apply. Maybe she got lucky and now has another chance to prove that she indeed has what it takes to be a beauty queen.