My music draws inspiration from the Bible, says US-based gospel singer Misigaro

US-based Rwandan gospel singer, songwriter, and worship leader Adrien Misigaro is one of the fast rising gospel artists who have taken the gospel music industry by storm with his consistent release of songs.

The ‘Mfite Impamvu’ singer will be in the country next month for the Renaissance live concert. He had a chat with Sunday Magazine’s Sharon Kantengwa on how it has been like pursuing a music career abroad.

How would you describe your music?

Adrien Misagaro. / Courtesy

My music captures a broad audience, both the young and old due to its versatile styles and messages. My music draws its inspiration from the bible.

When and how did you start your gospel singing career?  

I grew up singing in the children’s choir. In 2008 is when I started taking music serious, and singing as a solo artist. The rest is history as I have been going from glory to glory. 

How has your music journey been like?  

I can only say that I’ve been so blessed despite the challenges and hardships. With perseverance and hard work, God has been gracious to me and seen me through it all.

How has it been pursuing music career in the US?

The biggest challenge we face is that some of our songs are in Kinyarwanda and there are not very many people who know the language. So it’s really a rip of faith and we trust God to take our crafts and spread it all over the world. However there is also a good side of being here. We can afford to have our audio music and videos recorded professionally and be able to afford it.  

How can you say you have improved so far?

I have improved a lot more especially in my composition style and my songs are more of a reflection of people wanting to pour out their hearts to God and speak to him.

What can you say has been your lowest point in your music career?

When I had just began my musical journey after I was officially launched into the music industry. It wasn’t easy breaking through the industry with inexperience that I had.

When do you plan on returning back home?

I haven’t thought about it but who knows what the future holds.  

What song has moved you emotionally?

The song Twarahuye is my life’s testimony. It is one that I sang entirely from my emotions and what I was feeling at the time.

What are your future musical plans? 

My wish is to have more collaborations with other artists from Africa and abroad. I believe that it is one aspect lacking in the gospel music industry and would therefore want to try it out. It’s always good when artists bring out their experiences.