We should collectively consolidate our gains


Senior government and security officials, and residents take part in Umuganda to construct a road in Rugarama Village in Giti Sector. (File)


RE: “Police Week 2017 activities launched” (The New Times, May 18)

Good to see security officers in Rwanda working closely with citizens to build the country, beyond their core mandate of securing the country.

No doubt, this is the reason why Rwanda’s orderliness, calmness and harmony is the first thing any visitor will always spot before realizing infrastructure that has been put in place, post Genocide.

Apparently the Rwanda security forces altogether have managed to change citizen’s mindset in everything.

Citizens do not litter because they are involved in cleaning their environment, they value security because they participate in keeping it. People in Rwanda have changed their mindset to real development business.

However, moving one further step ahead, should remind us of no point of returning back.

If we build water infrastructure this year, we should keep and maintain them so that next year police week can focus on something else instead of matching back to repair water infrastructure that was built last year.

We should avoid flip flopping, hence the need for RNP having a department of reviewing, assessing and maintaining infrastructures already built in Police Week every now and then to see if what have been achieved yesterday, is still serving the purpose intended today before embarking on another week in the coming year.