EDITORIAL: Transform Africa Summit opens doors for smart youth

Kigaliis hosting the Transform Africa Summit once again. This time the focus is on “Smart Cities”; how does Africa confront the ever growing urban migration intelligently?

With over 3,000 top-notch delegates attending the summit, it is a platform to learn from some of the world’s top tech brains, and share experiences on how to keep abreast with the ever changing technological landscape.

In fact, one example of how sharing experiences and learning from one another is the Tap-and-Go transport system, a cashless payment system used in public transport developed by a local firm. The city of Yaounde in Cameroon has borrowed a leaf and has adopted the same technology.

Miss Geek, a competition to encourage African girls to join the journey of finding solutions using technology, had been a uniquely Rwandan affair that aims to encourage girls to join careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.

It has now gone continental, and during the Summit, the first Ms Geek Africa will be crowned.

But what stands out for the youth during the meeting, is that aspiring innovators will have a platform to pitch  their ideas  and get funding pledges for their viable start-ups “on the spot”.

It is not every day that one finds potential financiers in the technology field and brains to match under one roof, but that is happening in Kigali.

All in all, the Transform Africa initiative is growing its roots every year, bringing on board the tech world, that is suddenly taking notice that this continent has potential; the only thing that had been lacking was a global platform to expose our youths’ knowledge. The summit is doing just that and it is up to our smart youth to jump on the wagon.