How do post-harvest losses come about yet firms are decrying lack of raw materials?


Rwandan farmers showcase their produce during a past agricultural exhibition. File.


RE: “Community processing units can save farmers from post-harvest losses” (The New Times, March 5).

I personally don’t understand where articles like this point to lack of ready market while the processing plants we have are struggling to get raw materials, which they get from abroad.

For instance, Bralirwa gets 98% of its raw materials from abroad; Bakhressa Grain Milling gets wheat from Canada and Russia; Minimex gets maize from Uganda and Tanzania – even some from Zambia; Sorwatom is about to close doors due to lack of tomatoes (even the small quantity of tomato paste they are selling is coming from China).

With only these examples, where are we getting it wrong that farmers can have surplus with no ready market when local industries are importing raw materials?

Umunyurwa Uwayo