Rwanda is on the path to self-reliance


RE: “Europe should carry its own cross” (The New Times, February 22).

To a large extent, we in Rwanda have already started that process although it is at an early stage. But the signs are visible everywhere.

The thing now is to export that greater awareness of our own necessary agency to our fellow Africans. That, too, is happening.

However, as it first requires a cultural transformation – the way we think and begin to believe in our own abilities to improve our own condition without outside interference – the changes are necessarily evolutionary and are difficult to discern.

But I am very optimistic that, in 20 years, our society will look much more different – and freer of external domination – and much better than it is now.

I would love to be around to see that and warm my heart from knowing that we are finally truly back to plotting our own course rather than have it imposed by foreign actors.

Mwene Kalinda