Blame animosity towards Trump on US mainstream media

Re: Is Trump right about the media after all? (The New Times, February 24)


Re: Is Trump right about the media after all? (The New Times, February 24)

Nobody should be surprised by how U.S President Donald Trump is dealing with the media. He is facing an unusual post-election situation no other new American president ever had to deal with.

President Trump is probably the first American president to be hated by the mainstream media right from the start of the election campaign to his post-inauguration days. In fact, the mainstream media in U.S has become an opposition party that is doing everything to unseat him.

They have been doing this by publishing all sorts of fake news to discredit him thinking that hopefully it can help cut short his presidency. So, he has to deal with the mainstream media like he would deal with a hostile and dangerous opposition to his presidency and nobody should be surprised by that.

As an African though, I would say that there is something good that came out of them. Many people, especially in Western countries, never used to question the veracity of news from such international cables as CNN. Not anymore.

I hope the West could also reflect on the fake news CNN and BBC have been reporting about Africa and our leaders.

Due to the fake news from those channels, no ordinary people in the West think that there are good democratic leaders in Africa who are busy taking their countries forward. Thanks to CNN, BBC and the like, all African leaders are dictators, killers.



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