Through awareness, we will defeat cancer

Editor, Re: ‘There’s no worse disease than ignorance’ (The New Times February 7)


Re: There’s no worse disease than ignorance(The New Times February 7)

An excellent article, thank you Dr Fidel Rubagumya! I totally agree, ignorance is our worst enemy and knowledge is power! Silence is another major barrier I have witnessed among women when it comes to breast cancer. The view is that when you talk about cancer, you are actually inviting it in your life.

The ones who notice a lump think that ignoring it will make it go away. Yet another group thinks that an annual medical check is for only the curious--- curiosity killed a cat, why look for something that might end up killing you? I’d rather not know.

The saddest was when one woman said to me: “Why should I go for a checkup when I know nothing will be done to help me, I have no capacity (ubushobozi)”. We can, I can take action to change all this and conquer cancer in Rwanda.

Philippa Kibugu Decuir


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