[LETTERS] Gender mainstreaming needed in mining sector


RE:CESB boosts the capacities of the mining sector” (The New Times, January 6).

I am entirely warmed by the picture of the woman undertaking mining. That 2016 was a good year for Rwanda mining is undeniable. From several laws/policies approved by cabinet, to approval of revenue sharing policy with local communities, and approval of Africa’s first coltan plant in Rwanda, the developments were entirely welcome.

Mining often creates jobs within the local area and can be a lucrative and long-term source of income. If men are given the advantage of doing all the mining jobs, it opens the women in the community to be disempowered.

I would call upon the Gender Monitoring Office/Ministry of Gender to ensure that all local mines employ a good number of women (maybe push for a policy for a certain percentage of women).

We have seen local mining communities that have had men abandon their duties due to “good cash”, leaving their families in despair, and eventually weakening the community as a whole. This should be done not only at artisanal level, but at the higher levels of management within mining industry