Africa must look inwards for solutions to its problems


RE: “In the era of Trump and Brexit, Africa needs one assertive voice” (The New Times, January 26).

You make a very compelling case Mr. Mutabazi. In fact, when you look at how other parts of the world are going about initiating new trade deals, and then you examine our continent, it is painful.

It is like we are always waiting for someone else to think and act for us.

In many ways, I tend to think that our approach (by our – I mean the AU and the leadership of our supposed economic blocs) is to wait for others to note our potential, approach us with a deal, and voilà!

We do not understand the approach of going out there to get it ourselves.

By far, the only African leader that seems to understand the need to go out there and pitch for his nation is President Paul Kagame.

You just have to look at how many trips he makes in a month—and comes back with results: investors.

I hope that other African leaders will follow suit and emulate the approach you have highlighted.