Fighting drug abuse must be a collective effort

Editor, RE: “Drug abuse, trafficking cases on the rise – Police” (The New Times, January 18).


RE: “Drug abuse, trafficking cases on the rise – Police(The New Times, January 18).

According to findings, the youth are the main consumers of drugs which have had devastating health effects on them. It has also been responsible for other effects like dropping out of school, among others.

I am told Police has put up rehabilitation centres to help those addicted to overcome it.

I urge all parents and guardians to help those affected seek rehabilitation but again parents should keep a closer eye on their children, teach them about the harm caused by consuming these drugs and, in this way, we would be able to prevent the proliferation of these illegal substances.

Collaboration among all members of society, especially border communities, is equally key especially through sharing, in a timely manner, information with security organs, to help in arresting those involved in trafficking drugs into the country.

 Let us all join efforts in bringing to justice those that want to intoxicate our society.



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