Impose stern measures to discourage illegal mining

Editor, RE: “Two killed in mining accident” (The New Times, December 28).


RE:Two killed in mining accident” (The New Times, December 28).

It is a huge concern of illegal mining taking place where the buyer of the illegal production takes no responsibility for the miners or their families when injuries and fatalities occur.

The international law states that there should be full traceability and compliance of all minerals which both GMD and ITRi are responsible for there would be no illegal mining, tax avoidance with Traders paying high prices for stolen material.

Mines do have security but cannot compete where the buyers have low overheads with no responsibilities on the environment, safety, employment and long-term investments.

Rutongo Mines has had the highest number of mineral thefts in December; with over 300 security guards on site, we cannot curtail these thefts without harsh punishments to the perpetrators. To date, the thieves spend a night in jail or pay a minuscule and are back in illegal mining once again.



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